Welcome in SIRIUS SUPERSTAR'S kennel

Breeders of Top Quality Bichon Havanese!

We are a small hobby kennel for the Bichon Havanese breed (AKA Bichon Havanais, Havanese) from Ljubljana, Slovenia. We live with havanese dogs since 2007, and we participate the dog shows since 2008. Our best achievement is the title of European Winner 2010 with our excellent bitch JCh&Ch SLO Siegreich Jacint. Life with a havanese is pleasant and joyful, so in 2010 we decided to start breeding havaneses, a very rare dog breed in Slovenia. The aim of our registered hobby kennel is to breed healthy, happy dogs of correct size and shape according to the international standard rules and to find suitable, stable and friendly home for them. They deserve it. 

The base of Sirius Superstar's kennel is the bitch JCh&Ch SLO Siegreich Jacint (born 29. July 2007) who achieved great show results in her early age. After the cold october of 2007, when we brought her home, we named her Tajga. Tajga is representative of the finest Finnish-Hungarian breeding lines, her ancesters being champions of coutries all over Europe. Tajga's apperance and temperament are beautiful and tipical regarding FCI standard. As such she is represents a firm starting point for expansion of the havanese breed in Slovenia where this breed is concidered as very rare. Tajga is the 1st havanese in Slovenia ever registered in the register of Slovene Kennel Organisation. She is health tested and is catharact free, PL 0/0 adn has valid breeding permit.


Our second bitch is Tajga's daughter from her first litter Sirius Superstar's Dixie Diva (born 21. December 2010), which is called Pika for her sweet joyfulness. As hobby breeders we are immensly proud of wonderful development of our two bitches who form our small but happy Sirius Superstar's kennel.


If you are searching for a family dog that is small but sturdy, intelligent and cheerful, friendly with people, a playmate for children, and amiable with the other family pets, the havanese might be just what you are looking for. In Sirius Superstar's kennel we provide all the important information regarding the havanese breed and on the puppies that are ready to join their new caretakers who are careful and kindhearted admirers of this breed.